“I found Ms. Walters to be an extremely dynamic and passionate speaker with a bright, energizing personality. Ms. Walters spent time on the front end of our on-site visit gathering information about how we operated. She utilized this information to develop a very personalized approach to looking at our processes with us, suggesting changes as well as future goals and progressive recommendations.

“We were very pleased with the jump drive of forms she provided and have since personalized them to our facility and our team’s particular approach to navigation.”
-Hannah Brice Smith, RN CBPN-IC, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital

“There is a growing body of research to suggest that engaging patients and their families as members of their care team improves outcomes and quality of life. While improving outcomes is always paramount, providing a high-quality patient experience is also increasingly important for cancer programs to differentiate themselves from competitors and grow volumes.” The Advisory Board Company Oncology Roundtable, 2013

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