Professional Services


Customized plans designed to provide the health care client with expertise, coaching, tailored tools and resources.

This development plan will enhance a health care facility’s patient navigation program through personalized coaching, customized tools and targeted resources to include collateral materials.

A collaborative approach will be used in working with the care team to optimize existing staff and program resources.

The outcome goals are to decrease barriers to patient centered care, increase understanding and communication among care team members, improve financial stability of the program through better utilization of current resources, decrease patient out-migration and encourage new referrals.

The scope of work and deliverables will be accomplished through customized strategies such as:

  • Pre-site visit conversations and needs assessments
  • On-site discussions with administrators, physicians, RN educator / navigators and support services staff
  • On-site workshop with key staff
  • Post-site visit review and recommendations report
  • Scheduled monthly education and systems review consultations with RN Educator / Navigators
  • Consultant availability through phone or e-mail for real time coaching
  • Additional on-site visit(s) for continued individual and program education / development support



Identification of Program Need – A customized process will be used to identify a scope of work regarding the current status and needs of the client. Some examples:

  • Defining Nurse Educator/Navigator’s roles and responsibilities
  • Enhancing patient tracking systems to achieve better integration of staff/department service delivery which will facilitate a higher level of team communication and coordination of care from initial patient intake through treatment and post treatment
  • Assessing need for additional psychosocial support to enhance timely access to and identification of support resources
  • Input regarding High Risk Assessment and Survivorship Programs
  • Support in attaining NAPBC Program of Excellence Accreditation

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